Hackaday Podcast Ep 146: Dueling Trackballs, Next Level BEAM Robot, Take Control of Your Bench, and Green Programming

Postpone your holiday shopping and spend some quality time with editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams as they sift through the week in Hackaday. Which programming language is the greenest? How many trackballs can a mouse possibly have? And can a Bluetooth dongle run DOOM? Join us to find out!

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Episode 146 Show Notes:
What’s that Sound?
“First Name Foley, Last Name Matthews” won the prize! And the sounds were from the Juno flyby of Jupiter . Have a listen, there’s some freaky stuff out there.
News This Week:

Remoticon was full of inspiring talks!
2021 Hackaday Prize Recap

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

A Trackball So Good You Can’t Buy It

Giant DIY Mouse Sets The Ball Free
jfedor2/mouse-multiplexer: Two mice, two cursors

C Is The Greenest Programming Language

Which programming language is fastest?

Light-Tracking BEAM Robot Can See The Light
The Silent Dripper Dispenses Water Without Making Any Sound
It’s Doom, This Time On A Bluetooth LE Dongle
Extending An E-Bike Range From Good To Wheelie Good

Quick Hacks:

Elliot’s Picks:

Cheap Big Servo For Robot Arm
Run UNIX On Microcontrollers With PDP-11 Emulator
Taking The Bark Out Of Reverb With Wood Scraps

Mike’ Picks:

GBA Remote Play Upgrade Lets You Play PlayStation On The Bus
Electric Mini Rat Rod Starts ‘Em Young
The (Sodium Chloride) Crystal Method

Can’t-Miss Articles:

Privacy Report: What Android Does In The Background
SCPI: On Teaching Your Devices The Lingua Franca Of Laboratories

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